Mark Hawthorne

Books and other writing

Striking at the Roots:
A Practical Guide to Animal Activism

"If you are serious about helping animals, then you should seriously read this book."
Captain Paul Watson, founder of Sea Shepherd


Striking at the Roots: A Practical Guide to Animal Activism brings together the most effective tactics for speaking out for animals and gives voice to activists from around the globe, who explain why their models of activism have been successful – and how you can get involved.

Concise and full of practical examples and resources, this guide dispels the myths surrounding animal activism and will empower you to make the most of your skills. From simple leafleting to taking direct action, each chapter clearly explains where to begin, what to expect and how to ensure your message is heard.

"A brilliant advocacy manifesto."
Our Hen House



Bleating Hearts:
The Hidden World of Animal Suffering

"This is a brilliant, powerfully persuasive book that will inspire you to make a difference."
—Ric O’Barry, founder of The Dolphin Project 


Comprehensive and hard-hitting, Bleating Hearts examines the world’s vast exploitation of animals, from the food, fashion, and research industries to the use of other species for sport, war, entertainment, religion, labor, and pleasure. Thoroughly researched and eloquently written, this authoritative account of our mistreatment of animals will leave readers informed, shaken, and more than a little angry.

Though animal abuse is generally well-hidden, make no mistake: Under every plastic-wrapped chicken breast in the supermarket, within every marine mammal park, and lacing every pharmaceutical there is a world of suffering that animal exploiters work tirelessly to guard. Armed with the knowledge of what goes on behind closed doors, we can all help make a difference in the lives of the defenseless. By exposing the truth of what animal profiteers endeavor to make invisible, we reveal a means to end abuse that is nearly as senseless as it is reprehensible.

Whatever your stand on the issue of exploiting other species, Bleating Hearts is bound to alter the way you view our relationship with animals.